Hi, I'm Kate!

I'm not just an artist—I'm also a web developer and a landlord. But recently, I've decided to take a leap into the unknown. I'm leaving behind the safety of my 9-to-5 to prioritize creating art and savoring life.

My abstract paintings serve as a reflection of my experiences diving into the unknown. It's often a journey filled with frustration, overwhelm, and unexpected twists and turns. Yet, amidst the chaos, something beautiful always emerges.

My map illustrations capture the essence of places I've grown to love while exploring new territories. They highlight the charm of local gems and must-visit spots, offering a glimpse into the heart of each destination.

Whether you're interested in showcasing my work in your shops or galleries, or simply have questions for me, feel free to reach out anytime. Let's connect and bring a touch of creativity into the world together.